Jumat, 16 Juni 2017

Speech about Nations defense


First of all, let's thank Allah the Al Mighty who has been giving us mercy and blessing so we can Feel the pleasure of life. Not forgetting the sholawat and greetings we pour out to the Prophet Muhammad who has brought us out of the dark ages to the era of bright light today, namely Islam. May we all get intercession on the end. aamiin.
Loving the homeland is the nation's moral values that are increasingly depleting. The existence of free markets and foreign culture enter freely becoming one of the causes of fading a sense of love of the motherland. In fact, in the modern era, it is to hard find a teenager who respects the ideology of the country, even those who are living abroad and even ashamed of admitting it.

loving the homeland is not easy. This love must be presented inside each one of us.  Loving the homeland as well we can do by caring and respecting the symbol-a symbol of the country, such as the red-white flag and coat arms of Garuda. They should be proud if they use red-white flag as their uniform in their behavior. Furthermore, we also have to love domestic products. Although currently a lot of imported goods coming into Indonesia, trust the quality that we have to such items. It is not much different from the products made in the country.
Carry out the ceremony every Monday we also should not leave. All of that are in existence from flavor of love that we can do. By an awful lot of symbol of the State that we can survive, such as tribute to the red-white flag, sing the national anthem Indonesia Raya, sing national songs, and discipline.

In addition, the existence of love the homeland should keep well. We can do with the small everyday actions such as maintaining the cleanliness of the environment around us. By keeping the environment around, we have embodied the sovereignty of our country in love with.
As human being, I realize that I can’t avoid the mistakes, so I apologize to you all. And I don’t forget to say thanks so much for your nice attention.
Wassalamu'alakum Wr. Wb

Kamis, 18 Mei 2017

My diary 10-17 may 2017

Wednesday, May 10, 2017
A day of tension because before the basic chemistry lab report has not been completed and the journal also not yet, but I take it easy because this is my usual facing, confidently I finish it right azan Dzuhur. As the load disappears drastically, today's a lesson for me because I failed to set the time to work on reports and journals.

Thursday, May 11, 2017
I woke up about 5 o'clock, so I could not pray in the mosque near my house. I feel today is different, I just remember that from the date of 10 to 16 May MIPA holiday because the room is in use to implement sbmptn but the task of piling 😑, myth mipa holiday is the title of MIPA students.

Friday, May 12, 2017
Alhamdulillah this morning can carry out dawn prayers in congregation. After the morning prayer I had been working on organic chemistry reports, my day off I took advantage of the task instead of sleeping like any other child. I am proud to be a MIPA student because MIPA is a place of scientific science. My principle in dealing with a complicated job is patience, endeavor and acceptance. The spirit as early as possible so that old will feel the result 😎.

Saturday, May 13, 2017
Saturday is my birthday. On this day I practicum organic chemistry, before last night I overtime to work on the journal for the next day I stay relaxed. The organic chemistry lab on Saturday is different because the organic chemistry lab is done on Monday, because the organic chemistry lab is still a lot so the assistants speed up the fasting month of organic chemistry lab. Really heavy a week there are 2x organic chemistry lab but this is MIPA, which enter mipa means ready through the days full of tasks that drain the brain.

Sunday 14 May 2017
Sunday usually other people do is lazy at home or do his penchant but not with me who always faces the tasks that piled up, hahahahhaha what power mipa child if Sunday to do the task. I still enjoy the bitter journals and report waiting a few years later I will feel the sweetness of tapa journals and reports 😄😅.

Monday May 15, 2017
Alhamdulillah on this day I can be more relaxed without journals and reports. Finally like this hahahhhaah but not forever just for today only. Being grateful is the key to feeling the joy of life as the saying says to be sad as happy as possible and to be thankful as much as possible.

Tuesday May 16, 2017
Today is the last day of holiday, oh so long its holiday hahahhhaah what effect it seems so long, maybe nda ever holiday become feel old but only 5 days but also many duties. I think I should ask for another holiday with the father of the dean.

Wednesday, May 17, 2017
Today go to college, it seems strange clay face many comrades changes especially his eyes so red overtime effects. Today is also the last laboratory of basic chemistry, but the basic chemistry practicum is finished but still 1 unfinished lab is organic chemistry, it is only a little bit wkwkwk.

Sabtu, 13 Mei 2017

Future business


Hi, at this time I want to share stories about the business that I will be in the future. Good talking about business I imagine is a collaboration between the boss and his employees, but not all businesses need employees. The business I like is business about plantation products. I chose the plantation business because the area of ​​West Kalimantan is very suitable for planting a crop that can be sold such as, palm, rubber and vegetables, especially in Sekadau which is part of the area is a palm plantation. The plantation business I will be selling is selling various commodities such as fertilizer, poison, oil palm seeds and others, and palm plantations. This business is a business that I like because of the good profit without any usury. In addition to the plantation business I also like the property business such as building tools and houses ready to be or ordinary people call it home BTN. The camp site is very suitable for the building of the house BTN because it has a large area of ​​land around the camp. Selling home property BTN must have patience because not all BTN houses can be sold out, because this sell in use an agreement that is equally profitable and not harm between the seller and the buyer. In business things that must be there is determination, patience, and persistent for maximum results, in accordance with the Sunnah of the Prophet which trade is tantamount to practicing honesty and patience. That's the future business I want.


Minggu, 30 April 2017

How to make a nodle indomie iga penyet

Ingredients :
- one pack of indomie noodle
- water

Steps :
1. Turn on the stove.
2. Put the pan, fill it with 400cc of water, and boil the water.
3. After the water is boiled, put in the noodle into the pan.
4. Cook the noodle.
5. After 3 minutes left, turn off the stove.
6. Prepare a bowl, pour all the seasoning into a bowl.
7. Then put in the noodle into bowl, mix with the seasoning, and stir well.
8. If you want, you can add another garnish.
9. Finally, your noodle is ready to be served.

Jumat, 14 April 2017

Interview an expert

Assalamualikum wr wb

I Banu prasetya from the faculty of MIPA department of chemistry 2016,on this occasion I interviewing my friend, who has the skill  martial arts or silat.

Name:Muhammad ikfi karomallah Date of birth : SP1 belitang May 29, 1998
Address: jl imam Bonjol gg kusuma wijaya
motto:be better to get the blessing allah.

Me: ikfi what it silat?
ikfi: silat is a martial art whose function is to keep yourself from the bad guys

Me: from where it came from silat?
Ikfi: origins I don't know but silat in the Indonesian archipelago in the 7th century masehi

Me: what to consider when? exercise silat
ikfi: the time of exercise silat to note is the horse the horse then reason and sprightly quick

Me: does mental there must also  be in silat?
ikfi: it must exist if it is not going to lose for sure from my enemies

Me: if my know the silat what ikfi follow?
ikfi: the name of my college is cuyusika bangau putih

Me: last question, what are the benefits of martial arts for ikfi?
ikfi: the benefits of martial arts for me is make me more ready,focused and meticulous when in trouble and silat also makes for health because of the martial arts movement such as the movement of gymnastics.

well that's the result of my interview with ikfi.

Wassalamu'alaikum wr wb

Sabtu, 01 April 2017

Adverb of manner

• Adverb OF MANNER ( to answer question HOW )
Example :
        Slowly, Care fully, Fast,  Well, Beautifully, Quickly, ect.

• Adverb OF TIME ( to answer question WHEN )
  Example :
          Today, Tomorrow, Yesterday, On Monday, In 1999, On July, At 6:30, etc.

•Adverb OF PLACE ( to answer question WHERE )
    Example :
            Here, There, In pontianak, On jalan Ahmad yani,   at UPT Bahasa untan, at your house, etc.

•Adverb OF FREQUNCY ( to answer question HOW OFTEN )
      Example :
              Always, Some time, never, once, twice, etc.